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Govt funding sought to build Bangabandhu heliport

Published : 10 Apr 2022 09:53 PM | Updated : 11 Apr 2022 03:37 PM

The authorities concerned are now looking for government funding to construct the country's first-ever Bangabandhu Heliport in the capital.

As the Japanese development partner, JICA did not agree to the funding, now the first heliport in the country has to be built either with government funding or private initiative, said Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) sources. 

Meanwhile, land acquisition for the manufacturing plant has already been completed. About 35 acres of land was earmarked in the Kaula area of Khilkhet in the capital for the construction of the heliport. Its initial design has also been finalized.

CAAB Chairman Air Vice Marshal M Mafidur Rahman told the media, “We have completed land development under our own initiative. Now we are making a detail project proposal (DPP), but we have to make some changes to it. Now the plan has to be done differently to get government or private funding.”

“We will be able to complete heliport construction within two years under our own funding. But the problem is its fund availability. We are working on it. Meanwhile, we have got many private proposals. Those are also being considered,” added the chairman. 

According to CAAB Bangabandhu Heliport will have the capacity to keep at least 80 helicopters. At the same time, the technology of lifting multiple helicopters will also be connected to it. 

According to flight statistics, a few years back helicopter operators operate 1000 flights monthly, but now the helicopter flights went up to 5000 per month. As it is creating schedule delays in regular flight operation, hence CAAB considered constructing a separate heliport in the country. 

Presently, 10 organizations with their 30 helicopters are offering commercial services. 

According to the aviation experts to save time and to avoid road jams, well-off businessmen, film producers, hospital owners and foreign investors are searching for an alternative way. 

For meeting their personal requirement, such as the shooting cinema, participating in the political meeting, transporting patients, attending the Board meetings of various companies and movements in Dhaka, the helicopter is being used as a vehicle of transport.

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