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Govt fixes dengue test fee Tk 500, CBC test Tk 400

Published : 28 Jul 2019 08:19 PM | Updated : 11 Oct 2021 04:16 PM

Directorate General of Health Services on Sunday fixed the fees for dengue test and other related tests for the dengue patients by private hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres. The new rate is effective from Sunday, DGHS director for hospitals Aminul Islam told the media at his office on Sunday noon. The fees for dengue tests of three methods have been fixed at Tk 500.

The fee for the complete blood count test has been fixed at Tk 400. The CBC test must include red blood cell count, white blood cell count, platelet count and haematocrit. The fees will be unchanged until the further announcement, Aminul said.Any suspected dengue patient has to go through three types of tests in Bangladesh – IgG, IgM and NS1.

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The NS1 test is done on the day one to day four of fever of suspected dengue patients.The IgG and IgM tests are done on patients suffering from fever for more than five days.Another sophisticated test called molecular testing through polymerase chain reaction or PCR is not available in Bangladesh except at the government’s disease monitoring arm – Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research. The fees for NS1, IgG and IgM—all types of dengue tests – have been fixed at Tk 500, Aminul said.

On the backdrop of charging exorbitant fees for dengue diagnosis and other associated tests by private health facilities, the DGHS convened a meeting with the owners of the private health facilities in the capital at its office on Sunday.The decision of fixing the price was taken at the meeting. During visits at different hospitals in the capital, New Age correspondent found the private hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres were taking Tk 700 to Tk 4,000 for dengue test alone, let alone other necessary tests like blood counts.

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In the meeting, DGHS also directed the owners of the private health facilities to open one-stop centre for dengue patients, to increase number of beds for dengue patients and ensure doctors, nurses and other staff for dengue patients.

Cbc Test Price In Bangladesh

Do you have dengue?

If you have been diagnosed with dengue fever, the CBC test is a necessary part of your treatment.The fee for this important blood test has just been reduced to Tk 400! It’s now easier than ever before to get tested and receive proper medical care.

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