Govt determined to hold free, fair poll

No conspiracy can thwart Bangladesh’s progress

Published : 19 Sep 2023 09:30 PM

The Awami League government led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is determined to hold a free, fair and credible election in Bangladesh. Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen said this while briefing media about Sheikh Hasina’s daily engagements on 78th United Nations General Assembly session’s sidelines in New York.

The government has given the country’s democracy a strong footing. It has done everything required to hold a fair election that includes introducing a voter list with photographs and transparent ballot boxes so that none can manipulate the polls.

The government is also taking all preparations to set an example holding the next general election in a free and fair manner. To hold a free, fair and non-violent election, all irrespective of political affiliation should exhibit topmost sincerity. 

The commission has been given absolute authority. The EC is constituted under a law and the prime minister does not appoint election commissioners. Even the president and the prime minister cannot remove the election commissioners. 

We all have to be 

united in order to

 thwart the constant 

conspiracies of the

 evil forces

The EC can suspend, terminate or punish any government employee if they are found involved in irregularities. In case of vote rigging, the EC can also cancel the vote of a polling station. 

It should be clear to all the ‘train of upcoming election’ would not wait for anyone and the polls will be held on time. Therefore, BNP should stop their so-called one-point demand for toppling government. And the party (BNP) should concentrate on how to appear in the upcoming national elections; otherwise it will fall in deep crisis.

People should resist BNP with iron hand if they try to foil the next elections. Election is the only way to come to power or bring change as the politics of terror and violence in the name of movement can never be beneficial for the country, society and economy; rather, it makes the political atmosphere chaotic.

There will be no benefit by hatching conspiracy in order to thwart the upcoming general polls. If the BNP tries to fish in troubled water by making the country unstable, the country’s people will thwart its 


The people now understand that the negative politics of the BNP has gobbled up the party. Countrymen also know who carried out bomb, grenade and bullet attacks, smuggled in 10-truck arms and misappropriated the money of the public and the orphans. We all have to be united in order to thwart the constant conspiracies of the evil forces.