Govt can face any disaster

Adequate preparedness saves countless lives

Government officials and the Prime Minister herself have expressed their gratitude to almighty Allah as no massive damage took place after cyclone Fani hit Bangladesh. Awami League acting general secretary Mahbub-ul-Alam credited the Bangabandu Satellite for providing information in advance which aided the government to be fully prepared for cyclone Fani. 

On the other hand, state minister for disaster management and relief, Md Enamur Rahman claimed that the present government is capable of tackling any disaster. Around 16.40 lakh people were evacuated to cyclone shelters. 

The government official also indicated to having sufficient funds and proper medical equipment along with trained personnel to rehabilitate cyclone-affected people. For the four people who have died so far, authorities have pledged Tk 20,000 to cover their funeral expenses. 

It is good to know that different ministries

 are working together in order

 to ensure the most effective rehabilitation

 for those who were affected by the cyclone.

It is good to know that different ministries are working together in order to ensure the most effective rehabilitation for those who were affected by the cyclone. A monitoring cell had been set up in advance, as well as help-lines to answer relevant queries. The government is now ready to begin its second phase of work after the cyclone. 

In the past, natural disasters have plagued us and held us back as a country time after time. International perception of Bangladesh is also centered around the natural adversities which we have been afflicted with.

 We have come a long way from the country labeled “basket case” by President Richard Nixon’s US foreign secretary, Henry Kissinger back in 1971. While it feels wonderful to be able to prove him wrong, the recent fires in FR Tower and Chawkbazar fire have reminded us of our shortcomings. We still have a long way to go if we want to save our citizens from perishing in fires or cyclones. 

The government wants to attribute the lack of damage by cyclone Fani this time around to their own disaster management efficiency. One can only hope that when real calamities befall us, all the government agencies will prove to be just as competent as they claim to be.