‘Govt can face any disaster’

With the country narrowly escaping the wrath of severe cyclonic storm ‘Fani’, the government and people have expressed gratitude and offered ‘shukria’ to the almighty Allah for His blessings.

“Luckily we are safe now. The country could face a serious disaster. We are expressing gratitude to the Almighty Allah,” said Md Enamur Rahman, state minister, disaster management and relief, at a press briefing in his office secretariat in the city on Saturday. 

He said, the present government, led by the prime minister is capable of facing any disaster. There is no crisis of fund to rehabilitate these cyclone-affected people at the earliest. 

In this cyclone, four people have died so far, they did go to a cyclone shelter. A total of 63 people remain injured from the cyclone. 

'For the deceased, the government will provide Tk 20000 for their funeral. Our medical teams will work to provide medical service to the injured people. Civil surgeons are there to monitor them,’ he added. Enamur Rahman said, we will receive the overall damage statement in the next 24 hours. Based on the statement, the respective ministries will take further steps on rehabilitation.

'Under the able leadership, we will soon be able to recover from the damage inflicted by Fani. In future we will increase our capacity to face any calamity,' he further added.

Ministry secretary, Md Shah Alam said, among the deceased, two died in Barguna, one in Bhopal and one in Noakhali, while 63 were injured due to the cyclone.

He said, 'the previous day, we informed that we took 12.40 lakh people to cyclone shelters, by today the number is 16.40 lakh'.

This time, we somehow averted any untoward situation, crops and animals are safe, this is our primary assessment, which we have collected from our district commissioners and related organizations, he further added.  

Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumder was also present at the briefing, he said, sufficient food grains are stored in the coastal districts, there will be no scarcity of food, now we have to start second phase of work after the cyclone.

' Our first phase of work is complete, from Sunday we will start the second phase' said AB Tajul Islam president of parliament standing committee on disaster management. Among others, Prime Minister’s Chief Secretary, Najibur 

Rahman, and Cabinet Secretary, Mohammad Shafiul Alam, were also present.