Government triumph of two years

Guide the country safely through rough waters

A strong government is essentially a part and parcel of a sovereign nation that leads the citizens and takes care of their welfare. The government of Awami League has been just the type of leadership a country should have. In its two years as the government of Bangladesh, Awami League has been a train of development.

According to a report published in this daily, the government is successfully battling the coronavirus while keeping development work running simultaneously. Not only that the full frame of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge has been finished, the work of several other mega projects is going well too.

In its two years as the government of Bangladesh, 

Awami League has been a train of development

The government has shown remarkable prowess and ability in establishing guidelines for countering Covid-19 pandemic. Care packages for the businesses and relief for the underprivileged were just two of the ways in which the government showed how the pandemic should be countered in the country.

The report also elaborates about the profuse incentives that have been given to garments sector and at the same time investment in health sector has increased enormously for recruitment of physicians and nurses. The government has approved the use of vaccine as preventive to corona infection and signed an agreement to receive the vaccine.

This bodes well for the citizens and gives people hope for a better future ahead once this tumultuous time has passed by. Above all, Awami League government has been quintessential for the public to course through this trying times and we look forward to their leadership in future.