Government looking for alternatives to note-guides

In sharp contrast to quality education, the students’ reliance on notes and guides in the past few years has not reduced due to lack of alternatives on which teachers, parents and students can depend. In this situation, the government is looking for alternatives on how to protect students from the ills of notes and guides.

The use of notes and guides is increasing as there is no 'active learning' in education. Secretary of Secondary and Higher Education Mahbub Hossain said, “We are looking for alternatives to notes and guides. Without notebooks and guides, I am thinking about how the technique could be applied to students to study well. “

He also said, "No such decision has been made so far. We are trying to understand why the use of notes and guide books are in high demand. ' The secretary said, “We do not want to put our students in danger. We want to do something good. “ However, the authors and publishers of the notes and guide books say there is nothing like a note book. Since the launching of the creative question pattern, notes are helping students as education manual.

They also said, 'active learning' is inadequate in classroom and textbooks are difficult to comprehend. So students are taking help of notes and guides to improve their learning process. On the other hand, the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) has been issuing instructions every year not to read notes and guide books.

Every year, it is alleged that these notes and guides are not taught in class, but students are forced to buy those. The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education issued the directive on January 20, following allegations that students are being forced to buy notes and guide books this year.

About the use of note-guides, Principal of Udayan High School Dr Umm Salma Begum said, “Books are difficult, without the help of teachers, students will not understand text books. Therefore, students are taking help of notes and guide books”. Motijheel Ideal School and College student guardian Shahidul Islam said, “If the education is comprehensive, then note-guides would not be required. So-called renowned institutions do not provide quality education now.”

The guardian also claimed that, “There are many teachers who do not know what the creative subject is, how will the students’ study without a note-guide. Teachers of all institutions of the country should be trained properly. Then you don't need a note-guide.”