Gourd being cultivated throughout year

Published : 20 Sep 2020 09:49 PM | Updated : 21 Sep 2020 09:00 AM

Although gourd is a winter vegetable, farmers of Kishoreganj are cultivating it all the year round. Many farmers are benefiting financially by being able to sell at good prices in the market.

Hundreds of green and oblong gourds are seen swinging on the scaffolding in some gourd fields of Daorite, Angiadi and Khama villages of Pakundiaupazila of Kishoreganj.  At the tip of the gourdthere are layers of laurel buds on the tip.

Farmers are tending to their gourd fields. Someone is cutting gourd again for sale. The interest of farmers towards gourd cultivation is increasing day by day as it is financially profitable to cultivate non-toxic and safe pumpkin at low cost.

Selim, a farmer from Adityapasha village, said he has grown non-toxic gourds using pheromone traps and yellow traps without using pesticides. Moreover, the use of earthworm manure has resulted in good yield of laurel. People in the area are buying gourds from the land as it is beautiful and delicious to look at. Each gourd is selling at taka 20 to 35. He said that he would make a financial profit by selling gourds.

Selim also said, I have cultivated gourd in 15 decimal of land. It cost me two thousand five hundred taka. I have already sold gourds for seven thousand taka. I hope to be able to sell a few thousand more.

According to the Upazila Agriculture Office, more or less gourd is cultivated in almost all the areas of one municipality and nine unions of the upazila. However, in Jangalia, Charfaradi, Sukhia, Egarasindur and Burudia Unions, the cultivation of gourd is a little more.

This year, gourd has been cultivated in about 70 hectares of land. Farmers are cultivating safe and non-toxic gourds using pheromone traps and yellow color traps instead of pesticides.

Moreover, instead of chemical fertilizers, healthy and well-shaped delicious gourds are being planted organically using earthworm fertilizers. Buyers are getting completely non-toxic and safe vegetables.

Mohammad Hamimul Haque Sohag, Deputy assistant agriculture officer of the Pakundiya upazila agriculture office, said farmers were earning extra income by cultivating gourds at low cost. They are benefiting a lot.

Farmers are being advised to cultivate different types of vegetables including gourd in a safe way.

Deputy Director of the Department of Agricultural Extension, Saiful Alam, said farmers are benefiting from the use of earthworm fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers for this the farmers of Kishoreganj are inclined to cultivate gourd. The relentless efforts of the Department of Agricultural Extension will take the present agriculture to a sustainable and prosperous position.