Good yield of Boro expected in Dinajpur

Farmers of Dinajpur are hoping to have better yield of Boro paddy this season if the weather remains favorable. Dinajpur has a fame of bumper paddy cultivation.

The farmers are taking good care of the Boro fields. The paddy has started to gain the golden colour already and within some days they will be ripe and ready for threshing.

Even though this year the price of paddy is not as expected but will be exceeded, said the people concerned. Farmers have been cultivating Boro for several years to meet the food demand.

Farmers passed busy days planting boro on the potato fields in several unions of this district. As the farmers planted paddy in three steps, the threshing will be done in three steps.

However, according to the Agriculture Office, last phase paddy yielding in potato field that is to say planted after March 15, boro paddy will be called high yielding aush. Local farmers cultivate this paddy as boro.

Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) sources said, farmers cultivated boro in about 1.74 thousand hectares of land. Some of the farmers of Dinajpur sadar Upazila informed that their paddy will be ready to be cut within 15 days.

According to the agricultural office sources, different varieties of boro were grown in the Upazila. Among them, Bridhan---28, 29, 49, 50, 52, 62, BR-15, 16 and hybrids on some fields.

However, due to no cold injuries in boro seed bed, boro paddy seedlings were fresh and there was a possibility of good yield.

Deputy Director of DAE Md Toheedul Iqbal said that the time for planting boro seeds is from January 15 to February 20. Although the intensity of the winter was higher, the farmers have planted paddy saplings ignoring the cold. So, he hopes that the yield will be successful this year and will exceed farmers’ expectation.