Good straw prices make Jhenaidah Aus farmers happy

Published : 12 Sep 2020 09:44 PM | Updated : 13 Sep 2020 10:04 AM

Additional money from Aus paddy straw has been ensuring happiness on the farmers’ faces in Jhenaidah. It is really a boon for the farmers throughout the district.

Each farmer has been receiving 10 to 12 thousand Taka from one bigha of land in the season which is helping strengthening socio-economic state of the farmers, said the farmers in Jhenaidah.

Some Siddique Ali and Mayenuddin of Satgachhi village in Shailkupa upazila of Jhenidah when contacted said the farmers were very happy when they were selling each maund of 40 kilograms paddy between Taka 980 and 1,050. The price was lest in past seasons which had discouraged the farmers. But the farmers had leaned towards paddy farming once again having good prices of paddy.

The farmers said abide the good yield with good prices, they have been benefiting from the paddy straw for past two years.

The duo said the demands for the fodders are increasing everyday in the market. It has a great impact on fresh paddy straw harvested recently. Each bundle of paddy straw has been selling from Taka 30 to 40 which was almost 50 per cent less than the present period.

They said a farmer can easily receive Taka 10 thousand to 12 thousand from the green straw lying on the fields after harvesting the paddy. The fodder vendors have been collecting the same even from the fields with cash, they said.

According to the farmers, the good price of fodder has been encouraging the farmers which will help recover the loss in paddy farming in the past years partially, they added.

Office sources of the department of agriculture extension (DAE) in Jhenidah said the farmers in Jhenidah Sadar, Kailganj, Kotchandpur, Moheshpur, Shailkupa and Harinakundu upazila have cultivated 141,500 tones of Aus paddy on a total of 35,490 hectares of land in the current season. Target for the production was estimated for 35,280 hectares in the season, DAE sources said.

District Training Officer (DTO) of the DAE in Jhenidah Khan Mohammad Maniruzzan when contacted said the farmers of Jhenidah are very much active, sincere and hard working round the year. They are skill trained on crop production and management including application of organic fertilizers.

They (farmers) also care for the crops for a better results that ensures better yield, price and benefit for them. Good straw prices make Jhenidah Aus farmers happy, DAE DTO Khan Mohammad Maniruzzan said.