Golap Gram Location - Rose Village at Sadullapur Savar

Published : 31 Oct 2021 11:35 AM | Updated : 12 Feb 2022 04:01 PM
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Do you wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life for a day? In the Dhaka area, go to Sadllahpur Golap Gram (Rose Village). This location is in the Birulia union of Savar. Sadullapur is a settlement on the banks of the Turag River. Because some farmers commercially produce and trade roses here, the area is known as 'Golap Gram,' which means 'Rose Village.' Continue reading to learn how to organize a one-day trip to Sadullapur Rose Village.

When to Visit Golap Gram at Sadullapur?

Farmers in Sadullapur village grow the Mirandi kind of rose blossoms all year. As a result, you can go to beautiful rose village at any time of year. Visit Golap Gram in the months of June or July if you want to feast your eyes on large rose gardens. 

However, you may be aware that winter is the best time to plant new roses. Those who wish to see the cherubic beauty of fully blossomed roses should visit during the winter months. Roses are in great size and form this time of year. The perfume of growing flowers has enchanted the entire neighborhood.

How to Go Saidullapur Rose Village?

Sadullapur Golap Gram can be reached through different routes.

Route 1: Via Diabari Bat Tola Ghat

Local bus services connect Jatrabari, Gulistan, and Farmgate to Mirpur embankment. Aside from that, you can take a local transit rickshaw from Gabtali or Mirpur Section No. 1 or Mirpur-10 to Diabari Bat Tola Ghat. Hire a CNG-powered auto-rickshaw or taxi cab to get to Diabari Battala Ghat if you live elsewhere in Dhaka. However, don't mix 'Diabari Bat Tola Ghat' with Uttara's 'Diabari.' 

Shallow engine boats, commonly known as Trawlers, commute to Sadullapur every 30 minutes at Diabari Battala Ghat. The price per individual is BDT 25 taka. The journey to Golap Gram could take up to 40 minutes. To get to Sadullapur, you can hire a speedboat, a kosha boat, or a shallow boat. In that instance, the trip will cost between BDT 250 and 500. 

Boating is available at Diabari Battala Ghat from 6.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. It's best to finish your tour at the rose gardens before 5 p.m. so you can get back to Dhaka before dark. You may walk or take a rickshaw around Sadullapur village.

Route 2: Via Birulia Bridge

Rent a reserved CNG to reach Birulia Bridge through the Kamarpara route if you begin your journey at Tongi station. Diabari can also be reached through local transit Leguna from Uttara Mascot Plaza or Uttara House Building, North Tower. On foot, it will take a few minutes to get to the main road. To go to Birulia Bridge, you can rent a local automobile. 

To go to the Sadullapur Rose Village, take a shared vehicle from Birulia Bridge. The cost of the fair is approximately BDT 20 each participant. The best way to get to this rose village is through the Birulia Bridge. The beautiful splendor of rose fields strewn over the horizon will enthral you on the trip. If you reserve an auto to travel to Sadullapur, you can stop at several locations to explore the rose gardens.

What to See in Golap Gram?

Large gardens of various types of flowers, such as Garbera (Jarvara), gladiolus, rosemary, and others, can be found on the approach to Golap Gram vai Birulia Bridge. In the neighborhood of the Birulia Bridge, there is an ancient banyan tree. 

The wide-spreading rose gardens packed with many colors of Mirandi roses, including red, yellow, white, and others, are the main attraction of Sadullahpur Golap Gram. 

Morning dews are trapped in the rose petals, producing magnificent brilliance. Flowers can be planted in any number in each garden. You can take a stroll around the rose gardens' small walkways and commune with nature for a time. 

In Sadullapur, in addition to rose gardens, there is a palace named Birubari Rajbari and a little zoo called 'Lake Ireland.'

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