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GM Quader fit for Jatiya Party Chairman

Published : 05 Sep 2019 10:20 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 10:05 PM

A democratic country like Bangladesh needs a strong leader of the opposition political party in the parliament in order to make national parliament functional and vibrant one. 

Since the 10th parliament Jatiya Party has been playing its role as the main opposition. But it is failing to play an effective role as an opposition political party as the Jatiya Party has failed to pick one of its leaders as opposition one yet after the 43 days of party founder and chairman HM Ershad’s death.

The post of the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament fell vacant following HM Ershad's death on July 14. Before his death Ershad through an organisational instruction had announced that GM Quader would be the party chairman in his absence. Four days later, Raushon in a statement said GM Quader cannot be declared the chairman of the party without any decision at the party forum. Ershad appointed his brother Quader acting chairman and his heir to the party before his death on July 14. Ershad had also announced that GM Quader would remain as the chairman of Jatiya Party after his death.

According to the political analysts, a dynamic opposition leader with charismatic power is needed to make the parliament functional. If the leader of the opposition in parliament is not dynamic, qualified, physically fit and vocal, it is not possible to make the parliament, effective, functional, live and vibrant. In this regard, GM Quader is perfect as he owns such qualities and he has been doing politics since his student life.

On the other hand, HM Ershad’s 77 years old widow Raushon Ershad, who also is claiming herself as the chairman of Jatiya Party, failed to play due role in the 10th parliament as a leader of the opposition. Meanwhile, a group of Jatiya Party leaders on Thursday announced Raushon Ershad its chairperson widening the crack in the party.  Jatiya Party sources said party presidium members and MPs are divided into two groups over selecting the opposition leader.

Some leaders loyal to Raushon want her to play the role of the opposition leader while others favour GM Quader for the post as his the party chief. Jatiya Party joined the 11th general election as the key partner of the Grand Alliance and bagged 22 seats. After the election, the party decided to play the role of opposition in parliament. Jatiya Party sources said most party MPs and presidium members are backing GM Quader while some MPs and presidium members loyal to Raushon want her to play the role of party chairperson and the opposition leader.