Global participation marks the Bogura Int’l Film Festival

Published : 15 Feb 2024 08:52 PM

The fourth Bogura International Film Festival (BIFF) welcomed movie lovers from all over the world on Thursday, bringing the city's colorful streets to life. The festival, titled "Film for Education," is being held at the Bogura Shilpakala Academy and is being organized by the prestigious Pundranagar Film Society.

With a grand inauguration on February 15, the festival promises three days of cinematic delight, wrapping up on February 17. Showcasing a diverse array of over 45 films, spanning full-length features, shorts, and documentaries, BIFF aims to celebrate the transformative power of cinema.

In a statement from the festival director, Supin Barman, excitement brims over the exceptional lineup of jury members, drawn from various corners of the world. These eminent personalities, not only seasoned in the art of critique but also fervent advocates of cinematic education, will guide the festival's proceedings. This year's films will vie for recognition in four distinct categories, ensuring a spirited competition.

The esteemed jury board includes luminaries such as Bangladeshi film critic Sadia Khalid Reeti, Indian counterpart Roma Singh, and distinguished figures from Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, and Germany, infusing the festival with a truly international flavor.

Amidst the cinematic extravaganza, participants had the opportunity to engage in enriching workshops led by renowned filmmakers. Notable among these was a workshop conducted by Nepali filmmaker Arun Deo Joshi, setting the tone for a festival brimming with creative energy.

The festival's official inauguration ceremony, graced by Prof. Dr. Chitta Ranjan Misra, vice chancellor of Pundra University of Science and Technology, marked the formal commencement of the cinematic festivities.

Pundranagar Film Society, named after the historical capital of ancient Bengal, endeavors to foster a new generation of film enthusiasts and filmmakers while showcasing the rich cinematic heritage of Bangladesh on the world stage.

As curtains rise on the Bogura International Film Festival 2024, it promises not just a celebration of cinema but a testament to the unifying power of storytelling that transcends borders and cultures.