Girls Squad is Back!

Published : 01 Dec 2023 07:54 PM

Zara, Tonni, Riya, Faria, Mim, and Sabrina - six bachelor friends with unique personalities sharing the same flat - captivated audiences in 2021 with their tales of life, mishaps, love, and adventures in the popular drama series 'Girls Squad' on the renowned Bongo OTT platform. 

The series swiftly gained immense popularity, and its title resonated across the nation. 

Now, after two successful seasons, 'Girls Squad' is back with its much-anticipated third season.

Adding a new dynamic to the Squad, Bangladesh's beloved TikTok sensation, Shamima Afrin Omi, joins the cast for an exciting twist in Season 3.

The stories of the Girls Squad continue to unfold, with the latest season featuring the squad members engaged in various endeavors. 

Tiktoker Omi takes on the role of the Squad's new flatmate, while Zara, portrayed by Nabila, is preparing for her wedding. 

The squad attends the wedding, only to discover that Zara's marriage is to someone unexpected, deviating from the expected match with Gangua Bhai. 

This pivotal moment sets the stage for the main storyline, with numerous incidents and adventures unfolding in the lives of the squad members.

Hridoy Zulfikar, Content Manager at Bongo, expressed enthusiasm about Girls Squad Season 3, stating, "Girls Squad has already become a popular series among viewers. The anticipation for the new season has been palpable for a long time, and we are receiving a positive response right after the release. We hope that, like the previous two seasons, this season will also be well-received by the audience."

Girls Squad Season 3 was released on the Bongo OTT platform on December 1 at 12:01am, said a media release on Friday.