Girls ahead of boys in SSC results under REB

Published : 28 Jul 2023 09:59 PM

Girls remain ahead of boys in the percentage of passing at SSC examinations under the Rajshahi Education Board this year. For the last six consecutive years, boys under Rajshahi Education Board have been lagging behind girls in SSC results. The average percentage of pass of girls under REB this year is 87.89 while the percentage for boys is 85.85. 

According to REB sources, this year(2023), a total of 206,303 appeared in the SSC examination under the Board of them 178,959 came out successful. Of them, 26,877 got GPA-5. During the last year (2022) 42,617 examinees scored GPA-5. The number of GPA-5 receivers thus decreased to 15,740 this year.  The SSC results under REB show, girls remained ahead of boys in the percentage of pass from 2017. In 2017, the percentage of passes of girls and boys was 91.44 and 90.04 respectively, in 2018, the percentage was 87.08 and 85.15 respectively, in 2019, the percentage was 92.96 and 90.44 respectively, in 2020 the percentage was 91.45 and 89.37 respectively, in 2021, the percentage was 95.46 and 94.04 respectively and in 2022, the percentage of passing in SSC examinations was 86.17 for girls and 85.62 for boys. 

This year, 14,713 female students and 12,164 male students scored GPA-5. Female students also remain ahead in scoring GPA-5 from REB from 2019. 

This year examinees from 2,618 educational institutions from eight districts under REB appeared in the SSC examinations. Of these, not a single examinee from one school came out successful while all candidates from 178 schools under the Board came out successful. 2,705 examinees did not appear in the examinations. 

Ariful Islam, Controller of Examinations under REB informed, the highest percentage of passing in SSC examinations this year is from Joypurhat district. 90.62 per cent of examinees came out successful from this district this year while the lowest percentage of passing was recorded in the Rajshahi district which is 86.11%. He further informed the percentage of pass under REB is satisfactory. But, the number of GPA-5 scorers under the board has been reduced abnormally the reason for which should be identified and the educational institutions should be directed accordingly, said REB Controller of Examinations Ariful Islam.