Girl sexually abused in Savar, no case filed in 6 days

Published : 31 May 2021 09:33 PM | Updated : 31 May 2021 09:33 PM

A teen-aged girl was allegedly sexually abused by her neighbor in her room at Majidpur area in Savar, on the outskirts of the capital on May 25th night. The victim’s family however, lodged a written complaint with Savar model police station, but police did not record the case yet.

 “I have visited the scene after got the written complaint, but I did not found verity of that incident, as the complainant claimed into the written complaint that an unidentified accused entered their room and sexually abused her daughter after tied her up, but there is no witness about the statement of tied up the girl and abusing, even none of their neighbor don't know about such an incident, therefore I returned and informed it to my senior officer, and no action was taken regarding the matter”, said Md. Enamul, Sub-inspector of Savar model police station.

Victim’s mother said she works at a readymade garment factory near her residence and went to the factory on that day like other days. Later, she found her daughter lying down under their bed in tied-up condition and injured when she returned to her home at night, and afterward, she taken her daughter to Savar Govt. health complex for treatment.

She further alleged, a youth namely Jashim, 20, son of Md. Afzal, who lives in their next room at their house, entered her room on that night, beaten up her daughter, and attempted to rape the victim after tied up her hands, legs, and mouth. “I had lodged a written complaint to Savar model police station on May 26 regarding the incident, but police did not communicate with us yet”, she said.

The victim alleged, the accused Jashim entered her room on May 25 night in absence of her mother, and made multiple attempts to rape after tied up her hands, legs, and mouth. At a stage, the accused fled the scene.

“I suspect that it’s totally a false allegation that the complainant made, as there no evidence found about such any incident. The complainant might make the allegations following any personal feud with anyone”, SI Enamul replied, when asked that why the complainant made such an allegation if no such incident happened.

On the other hand, Maruf Hossein Sarder, Superintendent of Dhaka Zila police refused to make any comment on this matter, claiming that he did not know about such an incident.