Giant Rita fish sold at Tk 10,750 in Rajbari

A Rita fish weighing about 4.3 kg was caught in the net of a fisherman named Gopal Haldar from the Padma River at Daulatdia in Rajbari on early Tuesday.

Later, a fish trader of Daulatdia ghat Md. Chandu Mollah bought the fish for Tk 10,750 at a rate of Tk 2,500 per kg along with a few more small Rita fishes. Fish trader Md. Chandu Mollah said that he bought the giant Rita fish weighing 4 kg 300 from fisherman Gopal Haldar and will sell it at a rate of Tk 2,600-2,700 per kg. 

He added that Rita fish is a very tasty fish. Although, it is difficult to get such a big fish, now big fishes are being found in the river every day.