Get back into the habit of reading

Published : 15 Mar 2023 08:30 PM

Before the advent of smartphones, the majority of people got their entertainment from watching movies, reading science fiction, or watching TV shows. Every newspaper published a weekly magazine, which we eagerly awaited. Even reading the newspaper was a very good way to pass the time.  We anticipate February as the month when we visit the book fair and convince our parents to purchase the desired books. As previously stated, the smartphone robbed us of that heavenly leisure. Here are some suggestions of books which can help you resuscitate the habit of reading Bangla Literature.

1. Adarsha Hindu Hotel by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay: This is the tale of Hajari Thakur, a talented middle-aged cook. Without the owner of the hotel, he received praise and gratitude from every customer he served at the hotel. He didn't receive the appropriate acknowledgement from the owner after working for almost six years. However, happening some significant event, somehow he was able to start his own hotel. The plot is an actual inspirational story. The legendary author depicts the genuine struggle of a humble cook and demonstrates how anyone can change their destiny by hardworking. This novel is written in a very simple style with an intriguing structure. As a result, the reader will be eager to hear the story.

2. Borof Gola Nodi by Zahir Raihan: A classic Bangladeshi lower middle class novel with all the ups and downs, complexities, and disasters of life. This novel by Zahir Raihan is very sensitively written and unquestionably one of the landmarks of modern Bangla literature, is probably his best. The story is one of the best examples of what a tragic story can be, how cruel a life can be. 

3. Bari Theke Paliye by Shibram Chakroborty: A tale about some unrelated village youngsters. The simplicity of Kanchan and his engaging actions gave the tale its uniqueness. The author subtly distinguished between this child's imagination and reality, which brought the story alive for us. The way Kanchan attempted to fulfil his mother's small wishes left a mark in our mind. I strongly suggest to read this novel to get the elaborated happiness.

4. Chander Pahar by Bibhutibhusan Bandyopadhyay: The story line seems realistic. One might feel as they are traveling with Sankar in Africa while reading the book if they enjoy thrillers and action-packed stories. Bibhutibhushan Bandhopadhyay skillfully explains each component.

Sankar is a young man from a village who excels in swimming, boxing, and playing. His love of exploration led him on an unforeseen journey to Africa, which forever altered his existence. Read this book for a really awesome tale with perfectly placed plot, characters, and descriptions.

5. Ami Tapu by Muhammad Zafar Iqbal: The author's most well-known teen novel is likely this one. There are two aspects to the plot. The author depicted Tapu's mother's excruciating torture in the first section, and the second portion demonstrates how the protagonist drew strength from it and achieved success. The tale has the power to simultaneously make the reader cry and laugh. 

Writer Faria Hossain is a final year student, Department of Economics and Social Science in BRAC University (Email: hossainfaria007@gmail.com)