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General Knowledge viva questions

Published : 28 Nov 2023 08:34 PM

1. Black Gold of Bangladesh?

Ans: Minerals at Cox's Bazar.

2. White Gold of Bangladesh?

Ans: Shrimp of Bangladesh.

3. What is the largest mosque of Bangladesh?

Ans: Baitul Mokarram Mosque, Dhaka.

4. What is the largest railway station of Bangladesh?

Ans: Kamalapur Dhaka.

5. What is the largest district of Bangladesh?

Ans: Rangamati.

6. What is the smallest district of Bangladesh?

Ans: Meherpur.

7. What is the largest airport of Bangladesh?

Ans: Hazrat Shah Jalal International Airport.

8. What is Bongo Bhaban?

Ans: President House.

9. Who is the father of Bangla Cinema?

Ans: Heralal Sen.

10. Bangladesh has border with how many Indian states?

Ans: Five.

11. How many districts of India are with Bangladesh border?

Ans: 30.

12. Who prepared the map of Bangladesh?

Ans: Kamrul Hasan.

13. Who is the husband of Sheikh Hasina?

Ans: Dr. Md. Wazed Ali (Late).

14. Which Bangladeshi won Julio Curio Award?

Ans: Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

15. What is the date of birth of Rabindranath Tagore? 

Ans: May 1861.

16. In which year did Tagore win the nobel?

Ans: 1913.

17. Who is the youngest son of Tagore?

Ans: Rathindranath Tagore.

18. Who is the composer of national anthem of Bangladesh and India?

Ans: Rabindranath Tagore.

19. Who is the first female Foreign Minister of Bangladesh?

Ans: Dr. Dipu Moni.

20. Where is Teknaf?

Ans: On the South-East part of Bangladesh.

21. where is Tetulia?

Ans: Thana of north Tetulia

22. What is the old capital of Bangla?

Ans: Sonargaon.

23. What is the old name of Dhaka?

Ans: Jahangirnagar.

24. How old is Dhaka?

Ans: 408 years.

25. Which rivers is beside Dhaka?

Ans: The Buriganga.

26. What is the first capital of Bangladesh?

Ans: Sonargaon.

27. On which date did the interim government of Bangladesh take oath?

Ans: 17 April 1971.

28. Who is the mother of Sheikh Hasina?

Ans: Begum Fazilatunnesa (Late).

29. Write names of children of Bangabandhu?

Ans: Sheikh Hasina, Sheikh Kamal, Sheikh Jamal, Sheikh Rehana, Sheikh Rassel.

30. Where is Tungipara?

Ans: Tungipara is in Gopalganj district.

31. Who is the first Vice President of Bangladesh?

Ans: Syed Nazrul Islam.

32.    On which date did Indira recognize Bangladesh?

Ans: 6 December 1971.

33. What is cricket home ground of Bangladesh?

Ans: Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur.

34. Who is the 20th President of Bangladesh?

Ans: Abdul Hamid Advocate.

35. Who is the eldest son of Bangabandhu?

Ans: Sheikh Kamal.

36. Who is the youngest son of Bangabandhu?

Ans: Sheikh Rassel.

37. Why is 32 no. famous?

Ans: Bangabandhu Smrity Museum.

38. Who is the first Bangladeshi Everest conqueror? 

Ans: Musa Ibrahim.

39. Who is the first female Bangladeshi Everest conqueror?

Ans: Nisat Mujumdar.

40.    Who declared the Liberation War of Bangladesh?

Ans: Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

41. How many sea ports are there in Bangladesh? Write their names.

Ans: Three- Chattogram, Mongla and Paira.

42.    Who is the Defence Minister of Bangladesh?

Ans: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

43. How many sectors were Bangladesh divided during the liberation war?

Ans: 11 sectors.

44. What is called the commercial capital of Bangladesh?

Ans: Chattogram.

45. Where is Hakaluki Haor situated?

Ans: Moulvibazar.

46. What is the only Bangladeshi gas field in the sea?

Ans: Shangu.

47. Where is Cholon Beel situated?

Ans: Pabna and Sirajgonj.

48. What is the largest waterfall of Bangladesh?

Ans: Madhabkundo.

49. Who is the first Bangladeshi Nobel laureate?

Ans: Prof. Dr. Muhammed Yunus.