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General knowledge viva question and answer about Bangladesh

Published : 23 Nov 2023 07:27 PM

1. What is the official name of Bangladesh?

Ans: People's Republic of Bangladesh.

2. What is the capital of Bangladesh?

Ans: Dhaka.

3. How is the Government Procedure of Bangladesh?

Ans: Parliamentary Government.

4. What are the official language of Bangladesh?

Ans: Bangla.

5. Describe the border area of Bangladesh.

Ans: To the East of Bangladesh is Assam, Tripura and Myanmar. To the North of Bangladesh is West Bengal and Meghalaya. To the West of Bangladesh is West Bengal of India and to the South of Bangladesh is the Bay of Bengal.

6. What is the total border area of Bangladesh?

Ans: 5138 km (India 4144 km, with Myanmar 283 km and Marine boundary 711 km).

7. What is the total area of Bangladesh?

Ans: 1,47,570 square kilometre (56,977 square mile).

8. How many divisions are there in Bangladesh and write their names?

Ans: Eight division- Dhaka, Chattogram, Rajshahi, Khulna, Barishal, Sylhet, Rangpur and Mymensingh.

9. How many districts are there in Bangladesh?

Ans: 64.

10. What is the local zonal area of sea of Bangladesh?

Ans: 12 nautical mile.

11. What is the earning per head of Bangladeshi?

Ans: 1752 US dollar.

12. What is Bangladeshi local time zone?

Ans: GMT +6.

13. How many seasons are there in Bangladesh write their names?

Ans: Six season in Bangladesh. Summer, Rainy Season, Autumn, Late Autumn, Winter and Spring.

14. What are the main foods of Bangladesh?

Ans: Rice and Fish.

15. What are the main crops of Bangladesh?

Ans: Paddy.

16. What are the main industries of Bangladesh?

Ans: Garments.

17. When was the Dhaka University established?

Ans: 1 July 1921.

18. Who was the Governor at the time of General of India Bongo bongo?

Ans: Lord Curzon 1905.

19. How many govt. universities are there in Bangladesh?

Ans: 37 (with Bangladesh university of professionals- BUP).

20. What is the smallest Union of Bangladesh?

Ans: Saint Martin.

21. which country first recognised Bangladesh during the liberation war?

Ans: Bhutan (4 December 1971).

22. Who is the first President of Bangladesh?

Ans: Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

23. Who is the 22nd Chief Justice of Bangladesh?

Ans: Syed Mahmud Hossain (2 February 2018).

24. How many districts are there in the Chattogram Hill Tracts?

Ans: 3.

25. In how many sectors was Bangladesh divided during the liberation war?

Ans: 11 sectors.

26. On the bank of which river is Teknaf situated?

Ans: Naf.

27. Who is the author of Durgesnondini?

Ans: Bankimchandra Chattapadhyay.

28. In which year was Dhaka firstly established as the capital of Bangladesh?

Ans: 1608.

29. When was Oporajeyo Bangla inaugurated?

Ans: 16 December 1979.

30. What is the height of National Smriti Soudho?

Ans: 150 feet (46.5 meter).

31. What is the area of Nijhum Dweep?

Ans: 91 square kilometre.

32. When was the first parliamentary election held in Bangladesh?

Ans: 1973.

33. How many people were awarded the Beerprotik designation for Liberation War?

Ans: 426.

34. Who is the sculptor of the sculpture named Durjoy located in Rajarbag Police Lines?

Ans: Mrinal Haque.

35. Where is the Bangladesh Postal Academy located?

Ans: Rajshahi.

36. Who is the mother of the first testtube baby of Bangladesh?

Ans: Salma Begum.

37. What is the membership no. of Bangladesh in the United Nations?

Ans: 136th.

38. How many women were nominated for Beerprotik designation in Bangladesh?

Ans: 3.

39. What is the world ranking of Bangladesh on the basis of population?

Ans: 8th.

40. What is the total area of the Saint Martin Island?

Ans: 2 square kilometre.

41. When did the Digital Telephone System start in Bangladesh?

Ans: 4 January 1990.

42. When did Bangladesh get membership of OIC?

Ans: 1974 (32 th)

43. What is the number of City Corporations in Bangladesh?

Ans: 11 (Eleven).

44. What is the national fish of Bangladesh?

Ans: Hilsha Fish.

45. What is the national animal?

Ans: Royal Bengal Tiger.

46. What is the national flower?

Ans: Water Lily (white).

47. What is the national tree?

Ans: Mango tree.

48. Where is the national museum?

Ans: Shahbag.