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General Knowledge for Viva Voce

Published : 04 Dec 2023 07:33 PM

Who is the first female Election Commission (EC)?

Ans: Begum Kobita khanam.

When was the first time Bangladeshi flag hoisted?

Ans: Dhaka University, 2 March 1971.

Who was the main accused of Agartala Conspiracy Case?

Ans: Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

What is the independence day of Bangladesh?

Ans: 26 March.

What is the victory day of Bangladesh?

Ans: 16 December.

Who is the first Bangladeshi crossed the English Channel?

Ans: Brozen Das.

What is the highest hill of Bangladesh?

Ans: Tajingdong/ Bijoy.

What is the highest building of Bangladesh?

Ans: Bangladesh Bank Building (32 storied).

What is the longest rail bridge of Bangladesh?

Ans: Hardinge Bridge.

Who is the compose of the war song of Bangladesh?

Ans: Kazi Nazrul Islam.

Where is the graveyard of kazi nazrul Islam situated?

Ans: Near the mosque of Dhaka University.

What is the smallest Police Station in area? Wari, Dhaka.

What is the largest island of Bangladesh?

Ans: Bhola.

What is the largest sugar mill of Bangladesh?

Ans: Keru and Co. (Dorshona, Chuadanga).

What is the national mosque?

Ans: Baitul Mukarram.

What is the largest hotel in Bangladesh?

Ans: Sonargaon.

What is the largest barrage of Bangladesh?

Ans: Tista Barrage.

What is the largest library of Bangladesh?

Ans: Public Library, Dhaka University.

What is the largest paper mill of Bangladesh?

Ans: Karnaphuli Paper Mill, Chandragona.

What is the largest irrigation project of Bangladesh?

Ans: Tista irrigation project.

What is the largest zoo in Bangladesh?

Ans: National Zoo Mirpur.

What is the national game of Bangladesh?

Ans: Kabadi (Ha-du-du).

Which line goes through the centre of Bangladesh?

Ans: Topic of Cancer/90° East Draghima Rekha.

Where is Swatch of No Ground? Bay of Bengal.

Which one is the only Coral island of Bangladesh?

Ans: Saint Martin.

How many districts have boundary with other countries?

Ans: 32, 30 with India and 2 with Myanmar.

Where is the protipad place of Bangladesh?

Ans: Near Chili in the Pacific Ocean.

Which tribal groups is Muslim?

Ans: Pangon.

Which tribal groups are matriarchies?

Ans: Garo and Khasia.

What is Green Peace? Washington based environment movement organization.

What happened because of Greenhouse Effect?

Ans: Rising the temperature of atmosphere.

Which gas is mainly reasonable for Greenhouse effect?

Ans: CFC (Chloro Fluro Carbon).

Who is the starter of environmental movement?

Ans: Henry David Harrow (England).

Which is the 2nd highest peak of Bangladesh?

Ans: Kewkaradong, Chimbuk Pahar.

Which one is the largest B-Dweep of Bangladesh?

Ans: Bhola.

Which one is the only hilly island of Bangladesh?

Ans: Moheshkhali.

Where is Adinath Mondir?

Ans: Moheshkhali.

Who lived in Monpura Island?

Ans: The Portuguese.

Where is Elephant Point? Cox's Bazar.

Where are the natural fountains situated?

Ans: Hickory, Cox's Bazar (Cold Water), Chondronather Pahar, Seetakundu, Chattogram (Hot Water).

Which is the only valley of Bangladesh?

Ans: Halda Valley, Khagrachori.

Which is the only waterfall of Bangladesh?

Ans: Madhobkundu (Patharia Pahar, Moulvibazar).

What is the length of the coastal beach of Bangladesh.

Ans: 711 km.

Which place is known as the gate of Bangladesh?

Ans: Chattogram.

Where will the 3rd sea port of Bangladesh be made?

Ans: Paira, Potuakhali.

Which place is known as Pracher Dandi?

Ans: Narayanganj.

What is the largest newsprint mill of Asia?

Ans: Khulna Newsprint Mill (closed: 30 November, 2002).

What is the first tea garden of Bangladesh?

Ans: Malnisora, Sylhet. (Last: Panchogor).

Which country produces most tea in the world?

Ans: China (Bangladesh 9th).

Which country exports most tea in the world?

Ans: India.

Which district produces most cotton in Bangladesh?

Ans: Jashore.