Gas sector needs more investment

Govt should be more vigilant

Bangladesh’s one of the fastest growing sectors is liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). Being a major industry sector which has more potential to be utilized and developed in future, there have been seven major companies in play until now. The resource gap is slowly increasing day by day as there is a massive conversion of liquid fuel-run automobiles into CNG engines and increasing pressure of rising industries and households on the supply of energy.

With the depletion of domestic gas and the rise of gas demand there has been an initiative to encourage the use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as an alternative to natural gas for household, commercial and industrial use. However, reports say that this has been prompted with the dwindling level of gas in the country. Moreover, there should be more investments in the sector for serving increasing number of households and industries in future as the demand rises constantly.

With the depletion of domestic gas

 reserve and the rise of gas demand there has

 been an initiative to encourage the use of 

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as an 

alternative to natural gas

At present there is use of foreign LPG technologies from different sources and in future specialists say that there shall be exploration of newer technologies. Recent reports say that the demand of gas in Bangladesh versus the production and import is not sufficient to meet the gas demand. Considering that the country’s official daily gas deficit is about 600 million cubic feet, there shouldn’t be any problem guessing that this sector needs more investment. 

It is bewildering to know that according to the growth rate in the country very soon there will be demand of 10,000 mmcfd gas of which nearly 80 percent will be needed for the industry sector. Reports say that there are ongoing procedures of international intervention in the crisis of natural gas depletion, but that too is only for a short time. In order to bring a more adequate and permanent resource solution, the Bangladesh government has to look for the country’s own solution to the gas crisis.

The authorities concerned should be more involved in exploration of possible gas reserves. Moreover, the government should be looking to invest in this sector to bring about a permanent solution to the crisis. Finally, there are many industries in the country which are not able to perform at 100 percent efficiency because of the deficit which is economically harmful.