Gamcha party on the prowl

Provide security to late night travellers

Published : 23 May 2021 09:47 PM | Updated : 24 May 2021 12:03 AM

An organised gang of thugs known as gamcha (a thin cotton towel) party has turned into one of the biggest crime groups in the capital Dhaka. They are involved in murders and mugging during midnight to early morning period when the city wears a deserted look.

The people, who usually travel in the city at midnight or early morning face acute transport crisis as most of the vehicles remain out of operation.  And the commuters later start trying to hire autrorickshaw desperately. The muggers in the guise of autrorickshaw drivers roam around the helpless commuters and prey on them taking advantage of transport crisis.

As soon as the autrorickshaw goes into a solitary place where streets lights do not work, the organised criminals start trickling the victims and later strangling them to death with a gamcha or handkerchief. Therefore, we express our deep concern over the increasing number of such brutal criminal activities by which many helpless people are meeting the tragic end of their lives in the dead of night. 


concerned should take immediate

measures to

provide security to the late night travellers

Reportedly, Subhash Chandra Sutradhar who travelled to capital Dhaka from Bogra to catch his flight back to Dubai at midnight on May 6 was found dead on Kuril flyover with a piece of cloth around his neck.  A special squad of plainclothes police arrested four members of the gang for allegedly strangling Subhash to death using a gamcha.

The arrestees gave sensational statement and demonstrated before the law enforcers that how and in what way they strangle people to death and snatch away everything from them.

Taking all into consideration, we think street lamps and closed-circuit television camera should be installed immediately to remove darkness as most of the city inter-sections, thoroughfares, lanes and by-lanes have become increasingly vulnerable to mugging in recent days. Besides,  authorities concerned should take immediate measures to provide security to the late night travellers in the areas where such gruesome incidents are taking place frequently.