G-20 Summit-A broad analysis

Published : 06 Sep 2023 08:16 PM
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G-20 Summit for heads of state will be held in Indian capital city, New Delhi, from September 9 to September 10, 2023. The venue will be at International Convention Center, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. In all 43 Heads of State from various nations, are likely to take part in this two days’ deliberations among each other. 

The theme of this G-20 Summit is ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ which signifies feeling of oneness within a family and the future for each of them. The added attraction for this Summit will be the key note address which will be given by Prime Minister of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina. As the entire globe is in the midst of diverse disruptive and fissiparous scenes, it is high time that Summit of this type should be held every year. The objective behind is well known to my revered readers. 

As I hail from India, it is my earnest responsibility to focus upon two closer and cordial nations under South Asian Sub-Continent, India and Bangladesh. The focusing area will be restoration of peace and tranquility in and around South Asian Sub-Continent plus rest of the globe. Also another objective is to reclaim vast amount of untapped resources lying underneath within Indian Ocean. Through this untapped resources economy of the region will be accelerated to higher degree. Now there are multiple challenges which are hovering in and around us. It is the earnest responsibilities of all heads of state to sit together and crave in for a probable solution to steer the economy out of deep woods. Thus in the subsequent paragraph of my column it is my humble task to analyze deeply to broadly analyze the current G-20 Summit from multifarious aspects. 

To analyse about upcoming G-20 New Delhi Summit might not be an easy task for this writer. However, with the best of my ability and intensive studies, I shall try to analyze the summit from its broader angle. 

G-20 Summit is now around 25 years. The Group was basically formed with the intention to steer the economy of the globe, especially The Asian Continent, to glorious heights. It is a forum for Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors. It is exactly two months back, G-20 finance ministers’ conference was held in a city of India. 

The way financial situations around the globe are hovering around. Speaks broadly about brittleness about our financial and political life. But this writer will focus about the upcoming summit purely from financial standpoint. As the event is being held in the Indian capital city New Delhi. Plus another added attraction is the keynote session to be addressed by Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wazed. Henceforth decides to focus upon two closer and cordial nations of South Asian Sub-Continent, India and Bangladesh. 

India and Bangladesh, apart from political bifurcations, from economic aspects it is absolutely identical in nature. Though I will analyze about economic aspects, but in the end I shall give a brief touch upon political issues. As per the data available with this writer, India holds the presidency of the G-20 forum from December 1, 2022 to November 30, 2023. That is the reason the upcoming G-20 Summit will be of crucial importance for both nations as well as of other parts of the globe. 

The scourge of pandemic Covid-19(from 2019), Omicron War (2021) and from the year 2022 till date Russia Ukraine War. All the above events have badly eaten up the vitals of societies of India and Bangladesh from economic and political aspects. 

Though both nations have recovered to some extent. But not fully. Along with political situations, economic situations too are in utterly dire straits. These need to be drastically chalked out during the upcoming summit. 

It is for the cognizance of many of my online readers of India and Bangladesh. Let me throw some light about this conglomeration. 

In all the member nations are Argentina, Australia, India, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States. There is a possibility that European Union along with Bangladesh are likely to be included in the forum. 

I feel the inclusion of Bangladesh will be a significant move. Bangladesh as a 52-year-old nation is on the path of progress and prosperity from economic and political aspects. The way Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is steering her nation, deserve high plaudits from all across the globe. The inauguration of Padma River Multipurpose Bridge on June 25, 2022, paved the way towards nation’s success not only within her nation. But all around the globe. Even in neighboring India, the opening of Padma River Multipurpose Bridge has become a talked about issue. That is why India is keeping close watch about Bangladesh’s inclusion in the above conglomerates. Already business, trade and economic collaborations between the two nations have increased remarkably during the past couple of years. 

Now coming to the key aspect of my deliberations. What are the priority issues likely to be discussed? The priority issues likely to be discussed are as such, broad areas of deliberations like inclusive and resilient growth, progress on SDG’s green development, development of science and technology, development of digital infrastructure, reformation of multilateral institutions and finally emphasize upon development oriented actions by women. 

Now coming to the main issues of G-20, some of the common issues are as such, agriculture and food security, abolishing corruption, global heath etc are likely to crop up. 

Taking into account of India and Bangladesh issues. I feel pertinent issues like law and order, nabbing cross border terrorism, arresting massive price rising on essential items, development of health sector, development of education, development of industry, stepping up the economy etc should be accorded top priority in both nations. It is known to us that both Indian Prime Minister and Bangladesh Prime Minister are playing proactive roles in this regard. Citizens of both nations have heaped up multiple expectations upon them about the development. Citizens sincerely prefer peace and calumny in both nations. Also it cherished throughout the Sub-Continent. 

Apart from the above issues, proper utilization of economic resources which are abounding around Indian Ocean and China Pacific Ocean should be explored properly for economic development of the region. Once cannot deny that it is the brainchild of both Narendra Modi and Sheikh Hasina Wazed. Indians adore this thought of both leaders. 

Not only India and Bangladesh should be focused fully pertaining to G-20 Seminar. There are many other global personalities who are attending this two days Summit. India and Bangladesh can exchange various ideas for involving into bilateral cooperation with other nations of the globe. Post G-20 Summit analysis will be done by me after September 10, 2023. 

Sujayendra Das is a Columnist. He lives at Kolkata in India