Furnace oil pilferage from Jamuna Oil

After being discharged from the ship, around 65,000 liters of furnace oil worth about Tk 27 lakh was pilferage from Jamuna oil. The incident took place on August 10 at the Patenga Guptakhal depot of Jamuna Oil, a state-owned oil-marketing farm. Later, on August 15, when the matter was identified, two separate committees were constituted by Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) and Jamuna Oil Company, to stop supply of all types of oil to that depot.

 A 5-member probe committee formed for this incident including senior general manager (Trade and Operations) Md Abu Hanif, chief and deputy general manager (trade and operations), Md Zahid Hossain Mohammad Khusru Azad, Deputy General Manager (Audit). BPC's operations and planning director Syed Mehdi Hasan said a two-member committee has been formed to investigate the Jamuna Oil Depot's complaint from BPC. After receiving the report from the committee, necessary steps will be taken.

However, five Jamuna Oil officials were involved in a pilferage incident, which took place on October 25, 2017. Later, they were penalized for paying the price of all diesels that were smuggled.