Frustrated, underaged wife kills husband at Mohanpur

Published : 16 Apr 2021 09:05 PM

Mohanpur police arrested Karima Khatun (14) for killing her husband Harunur Rashid(28) from Bishohara village of the Mohanpur upazila on Wednesday morning. Karima Khatun informed, being frustrated with an increased physical demand from her husband, she strangled him dead after administering him sleeping pills. Police arrested Karima Khatun from her husband's house in connection with the murder.

 Family Sources of the victim said, Harunur Rashid son of Boyezul Mondal of Bishohara village under Mohanpur married Karima Khatun daughter of Kamal Hossain of Vimnagar village of same upazila on March-19 this year. Soon after the marriage, Karima and Harun are often seen to lock into altercations on various family and personal issues, family sources of Harun informed. 

Touhidul Islam, Officer-in-charge of Mohanpur police station said Karima Khatun has admitted the incident of killing her husband and she has been arrested. The dead body has been sent to the morgue of RMCH for autopsy. A murder case has been filed in this connection and the accused has been sent to the jail-hajat through the court.

According to sources, husband Harun was killed just 26-day after marriage. His underaged wife admitted that she killed her husband because she was frustrated with an increased physical demand from her husband. 

Karima was a student of class VIII in a local madrasha when on March 19 her father married her with Harun. Because of being underaged, the marriage was arranged at the house of her auntie where a local Quazi, an Imam of the mosque, recited the marriage without the consent of Karima. After marriage, Karima became ill while fulfilling the sexual desire of her husband. Even on Tuesday night, her husband forced her to intercourse even knowing she was in period. At a stage, he also manhandled her which enraged the girl. At night, she administered her husband with sleeping pills, fastened his hands with jute-rope and then strangled to death. 

At Palsa village of Vimnagar father of the girl informed Karima is his elder daughter. Considering the well off condition, properties and being only one son of parents, he agreed to marry his daughter with Harun even after a huge age difference between them. He said he cannot believe his daughter can kill her husband.­