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Frill in Fashion

Published : 31 Oct 2019 03:26 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 04:15 PM

If you are on social media, you’d be well aware that there’s a not-so-quiet sari movement underway. While sarigrammers are an official thing of Instagram, recently Twitter too started the wildly popular hashtag #saritwitter with women putting up their pics in saris to celebrate the whole nine (or six) yards. And in the wake of all sari styles, in comes ruffle saris to stir things up. The frilly sari made its ramp debut a few years ago but the current frilly variations are ruffling things up.

Designers call it an interesting time in ethnic fashion when on the one hand, we are celebrating age-old traditional design and craftsmanship, and on the other, there’s a constant reinvention of iconic silhouettes to keep them relevant – and ruffle saris fall in the latter.

They are a cocktail of tradition and playfulness which makes them even more appealing. Ruffle saris became popular during the ’70s, and made a comeback in the last couple of years. The good news – even if they seem tricky on the whole, they are not difficult to pull off.

Ruffles in fashion are a ’70s phenomenon when they were used in dresses, skirts and gowns as feminine accents. Its flowy fall adds a romantic vibe to any garment. When used in saris, they mostly resemble a gown and are a flattering silhouette. So when picking a ruffle sari, don’t shy away from prints as they add more drama to the silhouette and a bold print is all you need to make a statement. “Ruffle saris can be styled to pretty much any occasion, be it a day wedding or a cocktail depending upon the occasion. Get an embellished belt, a statement blouse and the right accessories and you are good to go.

Ruffles in their own sense stand as a strong fashion statement and are best worn simple and clean. If picking a print, be smart about it – don’t go for anything that makes it overwhelming. The diversity of this sari is that it can be worn to any wedding or function as they are not only light, dressy and sexy but also contemporary.

Make some waves

Ruffle saris now come in various silhouettes – full frills, tiered styles or just ruffles on the palla. Many designers are also making the pre-stitched variants with sculptured pallas. With different cuts of blouses we can see more experiments.

The reinventions are making it fun and easy to wear – everything that a millennial who is mostly short on time needs. The main changes will come with the incorporation of drama where the ruffles are getting bigger with more layers!

Ways to ruffle it up

Wear with a concept blouse to amp up the drama. A belt helps to cinch all that volume. Get a sari in lace or gold sequins and pick ones in flowy fabrics like georgette, chiffon, and silk crepe.

Pair printed saris with a solid-hued blouse (with or without minimal embroidery). Wear stilettos (not flats) and add geometric clutches. And yes, go for a pre-stitched sari for easy movement.    —TOI