Friendship schools share climate change experiences with French schools

Three Friendship SPO schools in the riverine chars of Bangladesh have started sharing their experiences of dealing with the effects of climate change with six schools in France.

At the opening ceremony of the programme, representatives of schools from far away France shared their experiences through online video conferencing on Thursday.

French Ambassador to Bangladesh Jean-Marin Schuh was the chief guest at the online opening ceremony of the exchange of experiences.

He hoped that through this interactive programme, the knowledge of strategies to adapt to climate change in Bangladesh would spread to not just France, but the entirety of the developed world.

The development partner organisation Friendship has started this special programme to inculcate the strategy of surviving climate change among the students at the secondary level from both countries.

The programme was also attended by William Lebedel, Chair of Friendship France, Jean-Michel Banque, an official of the French Ministry of Education, and representatives of French schools and Friendship officials.

Welcoming the audience, Runa Khan, Founder and Executive Director of Friendship, said, "Friendship is of utmost importance for the welfare of the remote char communities of the Jamuna-Brahmaputra rivers."

Through the endeavours of this organisation, special programs have been running for a long time in the development of health, climate action, empowerment and poverty alleviation.

In this exceptional new initiative, the European countries will be able to know better about the success of Bangladesh in tackling climate change, she said.

Founded in 2002, Friendship works in four main areas: saving lives, poverty alleviation, climate change adaptation and empowerment.