Freshwater fish killing goes on unabated

Published : 24 Oct 2021 10:16 PM | Updated : 25 Oct 2021 06:59 PM

In all the rivers and canals of Chitalmari upazila of Bagethat, a festival of killing small freshwater fish with fishing nets and different kinds of fishing traps is going on unabated.  

In the Daluaguni area of the upazila, the production of freshwater free fish is being hampered due to the destruction of various native species of small fish by constructing nets in different canals including the tributaries of the Madhumati River.

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Visiting different water bodies of the upazila, it was seen that all kind of fishes including native species are being caught with a large number of fishing traps and fishing nets. Same sight was also seen at the canal named Daluaguni Patgati flowing from Madhumati River in Baraguni area ofthe upazila.

 In the same area, from the canal called Haq Canal to Nalua Bazar, there are various nets and fishing traps in the middle of the canal.  On condition of anonymity, some local said that those involved in fishing are very greedy and disorderly.  Therefore, it is necessary to take legal action against them. The reason, they say, is that they are creating a great barrier to the growth of fresh water native fishes.  On the one hand, mother fishes are being killed; on the other hand, they are also destroying small fishes. 

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