Frequent power cuts

Use gas and electricity judiciously

Published : 07 Jul 2022 08:29 PM

The impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and Russia-Ukraine war have turned the fuel market extremely unstable across the globe. The prices of everything including food, transportation, fertiliser, oil, LNG and diesel continued increasing globally including Bangladesh.

Against the backdrop of the fuel and gas crisis, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday asked authorities concerned to prepare a routine to accomplish area-wise specific time based load shedding across the country, urging the countrymen to save power in line with their best ability. She (Sheikh Hasina) has sought people’s cooperation in this regard.

People have been experiencing frequent power outage for the last few days across the country. They are now grappling with the ongoing heat wave and the unannounced load shedding. The government has reached electricity to every house but now, it is compelled to execute load shedding and limit electricity generation. So, there is no alternative to proper load management to cope with the current fuel crisis. 

The authorities concerned 

must cut the illegal gas 

and electricity connections immediately

Officials at Petrobangla say the country would continue experience load shedding until the fuel price falls in the global market. But a proper and planned load management of the current energy supply could lessen the sufferings of the people even with the current production of gas and electricity, energy experts say.

Considering the situation the authorities concerned must cut the illegal gas and electricity connections immediately. We all have to be cautious in using electricity, make savings and grow more foods to ward off the situation. Country’s people should refrain themselves from using air conditioners.  Besides, they must stop decorative lighting in different social programmes, community centres, shopping malls, shops, offices, and houses in order to saving power. Following prime minister’s order the authorities concerned should prepare a routine on how long load shedding would be executed in which area so the people can prepare themselves for that and their suffering can decrease this way.

It is disconcerting to note that some elements are deliberately making the global crisis as an issue, warning that Bangladesh  would face a deepening economic crisis as that of Sri Lanka. Bangladesh Nationalist Party’s (BNP) senior should remember that there was 24-hour load-shedding in the country during their rule. So, instead of shouting for the government’s resignation, they should better concentrate to rejuvenate the party’s organisational activities as national election is approaching.