Frequent fires

We must remain vigilant to this end

Published : 27 Oct 2023 08:50 PM

There is no end in sight to the fire incidents in the capital Dhaka due only to lack of safety measures. Though the fire incidents repeatedly took place in the capital’s different areas in the past, the authorities concerned and the city corporations did not take any effective step to prevent that. After the fire incidents, the government formed probe bodies, but the reports of these committees have so far not come to light.

Due to negligence and indifference of the building owners, authorities concerned and the city corporations, many lives are lost in incidents taking place one after another and people are becoming pauper and helpless by losing their belongings. At least three people were killed and many other injured in a devastating fire that broke out at Khawaja Tower in the city’s Mohakhali area on Thursday. 

However, the firefighters were able to douse the fire of Khawaja Tower at Mohakhali in the city at 9 am on Friday after efforts of sixteen hours since the devastating blase broke out at 4.45 pm on Thursday. Earlier, the high command of the government had directed the authorities concerned to ensure fire extinguishing system in every structure.

Each building, office, court, school, college, university, institution, shopping mall, recreation centre, cinema hall, industry and all structures must have fire fighting and extinguishing systems. Fire extinguishing system is very important.  All structures should have reservoirs to keep rain water harvesting facility and water body everywhere to tackle any fire accident. It is very important requirement to ensure safety and security as well from fire.

Fire extinguishing

 system is very 


The architect, engineer, project director or concerned officials and owner will have to keep having fire fighting and extinguishing system in their mind for safety and security of the structures. Authorities will also have to ensure having source of water, rainwater harvesting system and water body while establishing any housing estate.

In addition, the skyscraper should have balcony or open space so that people could gather there while any fire incident occurs.

Most of the time, the fire fighters could not rescue people due to lack of any strong place or balcony where people could gather. Though the authorities concerned always tell the owners about the safety measures most of them do not comply with the provision of keeping the open space or balcony as money will come if every inch of space is rented. 

They (building owners) put the people's life at risk only for money. The role of Fire Service and Civil Defence is very crucial for ensuring security of the people’s lives during any manmade disaster, including extinguishing fire, serving injured people, transporting patients in critical condition and facing natural disasters. 

The rate and prevalence of accident is increasing gradually due to the industrialisation and urbanisation. So, the government will have to strengthen its effort to increase overall capacity of the Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defence aiming at building a safe Bangladesh.

Apart from the government, all stakeholders will have to create mass awareness to prevent fire incidents and other disasters. All must be vigilant to prevent any fire incident.