French actor says she is being held hostage in Goa home

Published : 28 Jan 2023 09:23 PM

French actor Marianne Borgo has claimed that she is being held "hostage" at her house in Goa's Calangute since earlier this week over a property dispute. As per a new report, the Goa police said that since the dispute related to the house is civil in nature and is being heard by a court, they are reluctant to intervene in the matter. 

In a video released to the media on Thursday, as reported by news agency PTI, the 75-year-old actor claimed that she is in a “scary and dangerous situation” at her Calangute home. According to the report, Marianne said that the people who staked claim to her property have disconnected water as well as electricity connections to the home forcing her to live in dark.

Marianne said she had bought the house for "happiness, peace, and for retirement", but the last few days had been horrendous. The actor alleged she is being held "hostage" in the house for the last three days.

One of her friends said the actor had filed a case for an injunction in the trial court to support her legal claim to the house that she bought in 2008 from a lawyer, Francisco Sousa, who died. The main gate of the house has been blocked and only the maid is being allowed to enter the premises, she said. Marianne's lawyer, Benny Nazarenth, said the matter is sub judice and pending before the civil court in Mapusa town. 

The Calangute police have said they have a limited role to play in the matter as it is being heard by the court. “Whenever she (Borgo) has called for help, police teams have rushed to the spot. But the police do not have any role to play in a matter which is essentially civil in nature,” Inspector Dattaguru Sawant of the Calangute police station told PTI.

Marianne has worked extensively in films, television, and theatre across Europe and India. She has starred in the original The Bourne Identity and A Little Princess. She was also seen in Le Divorce alongside Kate Hudson, Glenn Close and Stephen Fry.

Marianne was a recurring character in the French thriller series Profilage, and most recently led in the Indian production Danny Goes Aum. She is trained at the Paris-based Centre d'Arte Dramatique and Conservatoire National d'Arte Dramatique (National Academy of Dramatic Arts).