Free homes for 66,000 homeless families

Rapid implementation of such projects needed

As reported by this daily on Sunday, over 66,189 homeless and landless families across the country got homes on Saturday for free. Besides, 3,715 other families under 36 upazilas in 21 districts were rehabilitated in 743 barracks under 44 different projects.

This is a ground-breaking move by our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and a gift which the homeless people would treasure for a lifetime. Our government, made history as the world witnessed the distribution of  such an enormous number of houses among the landless and homeless people at a time, which certainly is commendable to say  the least.

Such initiatives provide avenues through which people 

can lift themselves out of the endless cycle of poverty, and 

nurture better futures for their children and themselves

Such initiatives provide avenues through which people can lift themselves out of the endless cycle of poverty, and nurture better future for their children and themselves. Under this project the rehabilitated families are also subsequently receiving training on awareness and income generating skills, which is further propelling a culture of sustainable development.

Ashrayan-2 project (July 2010-June 2022) has a target to rehabilitate 250,000 landless, homeless and displaced families at a cost of Taka 4,840.28 crore. This project will help in our sustainable development goals, as it will help to ease poverty and, eventually, make it a thing of the past as it should be. At the end of the day, no country can claim progress when there are citizens within its borders who struggle everyday to feed themselves.