Fraudsters embezzle Tk 2cr from Savar

Published : 02 Apr 2022 12:59 AM

A group of fraudsters allegedly embezzled taka 2 crore from at least 4 thousand women in Savar, on the outskirts of the capital, by announcing that they would provide sewing training and sewing machines to each woman who participated in the training session on behalf of the government.

39 women on Thursday filed a general diary with Savar Model police station on, alleging that the fraudsters only embezzled taka 1 lakh and 95 thousand from the 39 women while promising to provide a sewing machine to each of them.

Confirming the matter, Kazi Mainul Islam, OC, Savar model police station said the received a GD on the day and action will be taken if they found verity of this allegation. 

However, the victims were alleged they went to police station to file a case but police asked them to lodge GD refusing to record case.

One Nasima Begum stated that a few months ago, fraudsters made an announcement through miking in several areas and distributed leaflets, stating that a non-profit social organization named Ruposhi Bangla Foundation organized a stitching training program at each union level and will provide sewing machines to all trainees. Later, she and 38 other women from Ashulia's Doshaid area joined the training program and gave the fraudsters a total of taka 1 lakh and 95 thousands. However, the victims later realized that they had all been duped when they discovered that the fraudsters had taken taka from many people over the last few months but had yet to provide even a single sewing machine to any trainee.

Another woman, Khadija Akhter, told the Bangladesh Post that they discovered that Dr Sazid Hossain Rana, one so-called doctor named, and the ring leader began scamming people since the pandemic began in the country.  At the time, he ran his so-called social organization, Ruposhi Bangla Foundation, and began scamming by posing as an MBBS doctor and offering online telemedicine services. Later, as the pandemic situation began to normalize, he devised a new way to defraud people, such as this training session. Adding to that, she and the other 38 trainees were part of batch number 135, implying that the fraudsters had already formed another 134 batches, each of which had at least 30 women and taken taka 5000 from each trainee, implying that the ring had already embezzled at least taka 2 crore from at least 4 thousands women.

Nasima said that after joining the training, the fraudsters conducted training sessions for a few days at several school grounds before discontinuing the program. At one point, as they began to apply pressure to the fraudsters in order to provide the machine as per condition, the ring began to avoid them. At one stage, the fraudsters threatened to arrest them if they knocked on their door again.

After realizing that they had all been scammed, the victims went to the police and disclosed the entire matter.

When contacted, Sazid Hossain Rana told Bangladesh Post that all of the allegations are false and that he has been running his organizations with good reputations for the last 20 years. When asked about these complaints, he disconnects the phone calls and asked for a face-to-face meeting.

However, the OC, Mainul Islam, said that they already begun investigation into the issue.