Four subcommittees formed to scrutinise ‘Road Transport Act’

Four subcommittees have been formed to scrutinize whether there is any weakness in the ‘Road Transport Act’ and prepare an action plan to bring discipline on roads, reports BSS.
The subcommittees were formed today at the first meeting of Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan-led taskforce designated for implementing 111 recommendations given by a committee headed by former minister Shahjahan Khan, MP.
The secretaries of Road Transport and Highways division, Information Ministry, Public Safety division and Local Government Division have been made heads of the subcommittees.
“The four subcommittees will submit their respective reports with recommendations and action plans in two months. The taskforce will take measures after holding discussions on their recommendations,” the home minister told journalists coming out of the taskforce meeting.
Speaking about exemption of fines for not paying fitness tax in time, the minister said, “We urged them (who did not pay fitness tax in due time) to submit applications. The fines will be exempted after submission of the applications to the finance ministry with the recommendation of road transport and bridges minister”.
Noting that there is no prevision of death penalty in the Road Transport Act, Asaduzzaman said misleading campaigns created panic among the drivers. Information secretary will work on this issue, he added.
The act specifies the highest punishment (jail and fine), the home minister said, adding there is no decision to reduce this punishment. The judge will determine the type and magnitude of punishment as per the law, he said.