Four storied building collapses in Rajshahi

Published : 20 Jun 2021 08:45 PM

An underconstruction building at Koyerdara area under Boalia police station collapses around 3-00 pm on Sunday. However, there was no death or injury in the incident excepting the damage of several private cars kept below the building.

Abdur Rouf, Senior Station Officer of Fire Service and Civil Defence of Rajshahi informed, the building was 80 feet in length and 40 feet and in width. The construction work upto four storey of the building was completed while construction works for five storey was continuing with the construction of beams. Very low quality construction materials were used to make the building that is why that collapsed. 

The owner of the building was former RCC Councillor, late Akhtaruzzman Bablu. After his death one year ago, his younger brother Nuruzzaman Peter was supervising the construction works of the building.

Manager of the owner of the building Tofazzal Hossain Mody claimed quality construction materials were used in construction of the building. 

However, he failed to answer whether there was any approved plan for the building from Rajshahi Development Authority. 

Abdur Rouf, Senior Station Officer of Fire Service Station, Rajshahi, mentioned they will enquire about the design of the building and what kinds of materials were used for the construction of the building.