Four houses gutted in Noakhali

Published : 26 Jul 2022 07:25 PM

A terrible fire has occurred in Noannai Union of Sadar Upazila of Noakhali. The victims claimed that at least half a million taka worth of valuables were burnt in the fire. Two units of fire service brought the fire under control after about 1 hour of effort.

The fire incident took place at Hari Miji house of Ward No. 4 of Noannai Union on Tuesday around 12:30 PM.

According to local sources, the fire first started from Zahirul Haque's house in Hari Miji at noon. Before the people of the house realized anything, the fire spread to the neighboring houses in a moment and a terrible fire happened.

Seeing the flames, local people came forward and tried to control the fire and informed the fire service. On receiving the information, the members of the fire service reached the spot and managed to bring the fire under control with the help of the locals. But before that, the houses of Zahirul Haque, Nazrul Islam, Khokon and Gazi Alam were burnt to ashes.

Abul Hossain, son-in-law of Khokon's daughter, said that TV, refrigerator and other valuables in the 4 living rooms were burnt to ashes in the fire.

At least half a million taka have been damaged in the fire. 4 families have become destitute.

Akhter Uddin, senior station officer of Maizdi Fire Service, said that two units of Maizdi Fire Service brought the fire under control after about an hour of efforts. Initially, it is believed that the fire started from an electrical short circuit.