Former OC lands in jail

Published : 12 Dec 2021 08:32 PM | Updated : 16 Dec 2021 10:27 PM

Judge of Special Judges Court, Rajshahi division, Mst Ismat Ara on Sunday morning has ordered to send former Officer-in-Charge of Puthia police station Sakil Uddin Ahmed in jail by cancelling his bail prayer. 

Earlier, on December-8 morning, OC Sakil surrendered to the court in a case filed against him by the Anti-Corruption Commission and appealed for the bail but there having no original documents of the case at the court, no bail hearing was held that day and the court ordered him to appear to the court on Sunday. Accordingly, OC Sakil appeared at the court this morning when the Judge ordered to send him to jail.

OC Sakil's lawyer Advocate Aslam Sarker informed, Sakil Uddin Ahmed appeared at the court on Sunday and appealed for the bail. After the bail petition hearing, the learned court rejected his appeal and ordered to send him to jail. There are allegations of changing the FIR (First Information Report) of a murder case by Sakil while he had been working as the Officer-in-Charge of Puthia police station. 

According to the complaint of the family members of the victim, a judicial enquiry of the complaint was conducted by the High Court and the enquiry committee found the authenticity of the complaint and OC Sakil was suspended from his service. Later, ACC also filed a case against OC Sakil. 

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C Sakil went to the High Court and appealed for a bail but the HC ordered him to surrender to the lower court (Special Judges Court) in Rajshahi and when he appeared at the court for surrender, the Judge of the court cancelled his bail prayer and ordered to send him to jail.

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