Forest wanes in Kishoreganj

Published : 23 Feb 2022 08:41 PM | Updated : 23 Feb 2022 08:41 PM

"Give me back that forest, O city." Rabindranath worshiped the tree and said, "You heard the call of the sun to be blind from underground. There is no end to the benefits of forestry; But this invaluable resource given by nature is slowly shrinking in Kishoreganj. 

As the population grows, so does the greenery. According to experts, it will be difficult to live here once the green cover is not provided. Brick will leave it forever as a city of concrete rubbish.

Forests are not an option to prevent untimely warming and drought. Forests are one of the five elements of the environment. Due to lack of forest in this district, ground water is not able to accumulate. Due to this, there is a risk of flooding in shallow rivers. What is meant by ecological balance is not in Kishoreganj. 

According to Kishoreganj Forest Department sources, it is important to have 25% forestry in each district geographically. But in Kishoreganj district it is 13-14%. Itna, Mithamin, Ashtagram, Nikli, some parts of Bajitpur have no afforestation. For which the ecological balance of the environment is not being properly. 

Botanist Choyan Bikash Bhadra said forests are conducive to rainfall. Attracts clouds. Heat reduces the intensity. Landslides are less if there are forests. This is because the speed at which the raindrops accumulate as a result of raindrops falling from the clouds is obstructed by the leaves and twigs of the tree. If there are no trees, the soil loosens under the pressure of rain. Washed manure. The forest department is only going to suggest planting trees. Bot and fig trees are notable to them as food for animals and birds. Due to lack of nutrition, the grassland of Kishoreganj district is turning partially yellow. The land marked as a pasture for domestic animals is neglected. The pace of cultivation of grass plants in the fence is slow. All in all, the work is going on. The date and coconut trees are disappearing.

Md. Harunur Rashid, Officer-in-Charge of Kishoreganj Social Forest Extension and Nursery Training Department said, "We are planting saplings of different trees on both sides of the road for afforestation. Bangladesh is positive in carbon stock. This is good for us.