Foreign investment proposals rise by 537.51pc in April-June

Fully foreign and joint venture investment proposals with Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) rose by 537.51 percent (Taka 41,502.954 million) during the April-June quarter compared to the same period of the preceding year 2019, reports BSS.

According to the latest data of BIDA, the authority received some 46 overall investment proposals involving Taka 56,835.811 million during the three months of the year.

Out of the 46 investment proposals, BIDA received 38 proposals involving Taka 15,332.857 million from local investors during this April to June period while there were 5 fully foreign and 3 joint venture proposals of Taka 41,502.954 million.

According to BIDA, the highest number of investment proposals came for the miscellaneous industry, which was 77.23 percent of the total proposed amount. Proposals for the agricultural industry were 6.89 percent.