Footballer Tisha

Entertainment Correspondent

Nusrat Imroz Tisha attends a village school. She is very simple and is also a full-fledged footballer. Her mind and soul is all set on football. She is the champion in the Inter School Football Championship.

She and her family has to listen to various talks which the villagers throw at them because of her playing football. As a result one day her father forbids her from playing football anymore. One day a football tournament was held in Tisha’s village. Kusum goes to see that game. Her village team starts losing the game. In this state, she can no longer contain himself. She too went down to play for her village team on the field and her team won by the virtue of her play.

One of the spectators at the game offers Kusum to play for the National Under-19 team and asks whether she is interested or not. Meanwhile, Kusum's father became very angry over her playing football again and at one point fixes Kusum's marriage. On the other hand, Kusum starts dreaming about playing on the national team. Thus the story of the drama continues.

In real life, Tisha is not a footballer but she fits the role of a footballer perfectly when the script demands it. The name of the drama is ‘Kusumer Swapno’. It has been written and directed by Shrabani Ferdous. Apart from Tisha, Sayed Zaman Shaon, Masum Bashar and Shelly Ahsan have also acted. The shooting for the drama has already ended. The director said the drama will be aired on a satellite channel in the country soon.