Foolproof security needed in Bangladesh

Good job by law enforcers so far

The world in general, Asian countries in particular, have become doubly concerned at the series of bomb attacks in Sri Lanka on Sunday last. The ghastly attack on civilian targets are interpreted as the work of some militant outfits having least qualm. Already an Islamist group of Sri Lankan origin has taken responsibility of the mayhem. This has rang the alarm bell in most of the South Asian countries where the authorities have beefed up their security manifold. Bangladesh government has also taken seriously any possibility of similar attacks in the country and given necessary instructions to the law enforcement agencies to remain alert so that they are not taken by surprise by any terrorist group.  

It is good news that our home minister has assured that our intelligence agencies are very concerned about security issues and that they are capable of thwarting any kind of militant activities and uproot extremism from the country. The minister said the present government has the capacity to root out militancy with iron hand. 

Reportedly, various law enforcing agencies have intensified their vigilance across the country in the wake of militant attacks in Sri Lanka. There is no telling from which end attacks might come and as a result security measures will be tightened in some areas, especially in the diplomatic zones. Citizens will have to bear the inconvenience if thus caused. We feel the borders need to be made more secure otherwise explosives and small arms may filter in easily through the pores. We hope Bangladesh Border Guards should remain more alert in this regard.  

Militancy remains number one enemy of the modern civilization as it has the power to wreak havoc within seconds taking hundreds of lives with the blink of an eye. World-wide more money is being spent on anti-militancy manpower and operations than any other project. The modern civilization will crumble like a card house if the networks of all forms of militancy cannot be destroyed simultaneously.