Food stock plenty

Handle profiteers, hoarders with an iron fist

The country has enough stock of food items to meet the demand. However, it has been noticed that many people are procuring essential commodities in a panic mode immediately after the announcement of lockdown.

Bangladesh Post on Tuesday ran a story on this topic suggesting that there is no need for panic buying as there is sufficient stock of  essential commodities in the country.

We think the government will monitor the markets strictly across the country and continue to assure people that the country has a sufficient stock of essential 

commodities and food items. In this regard, the government has formed 28 teams to monitor the markets in the capital to prevent price spikes.

Besides, the government will also have to identify those who are deliberately trying to cause panic by spreading rumours about the price of essentials and bring them to book immediately.

We all will have to remain alert against the rumour over 

the stocks of essentials and forge unity against the 

organised thugs who create artificial crisis of essentials

The state-run Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) has increased sales volume this year due to the increase in prices of daily commodities and it has 10-12 per cent stock of the essential products that are in high demand during Ramadan.

It is very unfortunate when traders of the different countries reduce the prices of essential commodities ahead of Ramadan we see here a different scenario as the prices of essentials go up.

And the unscrupulous traders, profiteers and hoarders get united when it comes to the practice of increasing the prices of essentials during Ramadan.

Therefore, we all will have to remain alert against the rumour over the stocks of essentials and forge unity against the organised thugs who create artificial crises of essentials