Food stock adequate

Restrain mill owners from creating artificial rice crisis

We have come to know that there would be no food crisis in the country as adequate food grains remain stocked in government warehouses and the houses of farmers.

Reportedly, this year  the total rice production of Aus, Aman, and Boro will be about 37.42 million tonnes. Experts are of the opinion that If we consider the daily per capita consumption of rice at 405 grams and 26 percent non-human consumption of the total production, then by June 2021, there will be a surplus of at least 3 million tonnes of rice, after meeting the rice demand for a total of 168 million people.

Bangladesh is now self-sufficient in food production it is indeed a great achievement for a country of 17 million people where more than 1252 people live per square kilometre. 

Authoritiesconcerned should intensify market monitoring 

in order to restrain unscrupulous traders from making 

extra profits by artificially increasing the rice price

The country so far has successfully met the food demand of its huge population. Over the last few decades, Bangladesh has tripled its rice production and the government’s scheme of rural electrification has been instrumental in boosting the production of the country’s agro produces. 

In order to make this production growth sustainable in the long run, the government should take necessary steps to incorporate advanced technologies in the agriculture sector. It is time to invest in research and development of new technologies and the public and private sector should work cooperatively in this regard.

Despite adequate stocks in the country, the government has created import opportunities for the private sector to control the market as rice prices continue to rise abnormally.   

In view of the situation, authorities concerned should take prompt actions against the mill owners who are hiking the rice price to serve their petty monetary interests. Also, the government should intensify market monitoring in order to restrain unscrupulous traders from making extra profits by artificially increasing the price.