Food security satisfactory

Utilisation of land must be optimum

Bangladesh has become a global example for food security because of its ability to increase agro-output despite various natural calamities including flood, drought, salinity and the long lasting pandemic of coronavirus. There has been a massive expansion of agriculture in the country. This expansion in agriculture has resulted in Bangladesh becoming one of the ranking countries where rice is grown in plenty to meet internal demand.

A report published in this daily says, the country’s agriculture officials and farmers are expecting a bumper production of Aman paddy this year hoping it will help them to turn around and ensure food security.

This is great news for the country and also shows 

physical evidence of people being interested in 

getting into agriculture

Recent statistics show that in the current 2020-21 season, a total of 591815 hectares of land has been set for cultivation of Aman.

Here, almost 15,740,398 metric tons of paddies are expected to be produced this year. This is great news for the country and also shows physical evidence of people being interested in getting into agriculture. This also shows the fact that there is a great enthusiasm amongst the youth for becoming entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector.

This staggering amount of rice harvest means that there is always a stock of abundant rice in the country which minimises the possibility of a crisis related to food ever occurring. This bodes well for the citizens and they can thus heave a sigh of relief regarding food prices remaining stable with a few exceptions. The authorities concerned should take measures so that this output and food security remains on a positive trend in future.