Food adulteration continues unabated

Consumers suffer in the long run

Published : 03 Apr 2020 07:13 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 04:21 PM

Currently, each and every person in the country is suffering from insecurity regarding food security. Food adulteration is a common practice and food is prepared and manufactured in unhygienic conditions by many vendors.

The matter does not only extend to processed or prepared food, but produces such as fruits and vegetables as well as meat, fish and milk have proven to contain harmful additives. These additives pose both long and short term health risks for consumers, and some are causing deadly diseases such as cancer and leading to organ failure.

Consumers all over the country have called for stricter punishment for those who are responsible for food adulteration and for unhygienic practices in the food industry. Harsher penalties are needed to deter people from similar practices in the future.

Food  adulteration is a common practice and  food 

is  prepared and manufactured in unhygienic 

conditions  by many vendors

Moreover, the government must set up testing laboratories all over the country to ensure that the quality of food is not compromised. Awareness among the consumers is also needed so that they are able to make better decisions for themselves in the future.

Food safety should be made a top priority for the authorities concerned. For too long, the health and wellbeing of general people has been compromised by unscrupulous business operators. They are using inedible chemicals in food in order to make maximum profit. They are doing so with no regard for human life.

These kinds of practices must be stopped once and for all. Exemplary punishment for the culprits is needed so that in the future no one would dare to adulterate food.