Food adulteration and pollution causing serious health risk

Non-communicable diseases on the rise

Serious non-communicable diseases are increasing in prevalence across the country due to air and water pollution, as well as consumption of adulterated food. Unplanned waste management and heavy black smoke being emitted from brick kilns, industries and vehicles is also to blame.

A national dissemination programme was jointly organized by Directorate General of Health Services and World Health Organisation in which speakers emphasized the need for awareness among people to prevent cardiac, stroke, cancer and mental diseases.

The heath situation in our country is very precarious as lack of food safety and environmental factors are causing non-communicable diseases to increase in frequency and resulting in premature deaths. Public health in the country is seriously lacking due to poor regulation and low awareness.

The number of people suffering from terminal diseases such as cancer has increased manifolds. Majority of these patients are thought to have developed cancer due to consuming adulterated food. Everyday commodities such as creams, lotions, etc are also unregulated and contain carcinogens, causing various diseases.

Public health in the countr

 is seriously lacking due

to poor regulation and low awareness

Antibiotic resistance is another big concern for public health. Over prescription of antibiotics is common. People are also ingesting antibiotics indirectly through consuming meat, fish and other animal by-products such as egg and milk.

Factory wastes containing toxic chemicals are dumped into rivers and other water bodies. The water is often used by the general public for daily chores which can cause serious skin diseases. The fish in these waterbodies consume the toxic chemicals and micro plastics which in turn ends up in people’s bodies.

Proper waste management is needed to stop toxic factory waste from entering human bodies. Food adulteration must be strictly penalized as well. Every year thousands of people are dying due to the recklessness and greed of big businesses. The government must take a tough stance in order to ensure that public health is no longer jeopardized.