Floodwater not receding

Urgent intervention needed to assuage plight of people

Since the beginning of June, a number of areas in the country have been affected by flood. With the fight against Covid-19 raging on it is becoming more and more difficult to look after the welfare of the people. But the recent floods have made life quite miserable for the people in a lot of places. 

It is very disconcerting now that hundreds of thousands of people are living in flood affected areas with very scanty supply of food and safe drinking water. Specially, in the northern districts of the country, the flood waters have wreaked havoc on the livelihood of people. 

A report published in this daily shows that the floodwaters are not receding, rather it keeps on static  in the northwestern districts of the country including Natore, Naogaon, Sirajganj and other districts lying in the central region. However, with the water level receding in all major rivers, there is hope that the situation might slowly improve. 

However, with downpours in various places of the country it is expected that it might take some more time before the floodwaters totally recede. 

With the water level receding in all 

major rivers, it is hoped the situation 

might slowly improve 

Since flood is not a new phenomenon in the country, the people in the affected areas are more or less used to its vagaries. However, it doesn’t mean that being aware reduces the suffering by any margin.  

There have also been reports showing areas where people have taken shelter on the roof-tops of their houses and are surviving with bare minimum provisions. This should not be the scene when the country aims to achieve middle income status by 2021. 

However, since reality shows how far we are behind, the onus falls upon the authorities concerned to take proper flood control initiatives as soon as possible so that there may not be repetition of the  similar situation in the years to come.

Above all, at this time of crisis where death tolls have climbed so high thanks to pandemic prompt steps need to be taken so that people in the affected areas can be given shelter and proper provisions as soon as possible.