Flood situation worsens in Sylhet

Devise pragmatic measures to protect lives and livelihood

Published : 17 May 2022 08:26 PM

With three major rivers -- the Surma, Kushiyara and Sari-Gowain -- swelling beyond the danger level, the flood situation in Sylhet district has further deteriorated. Reportedly, thousands are facing food and drinking water crisis as the vast areas of Kanaighat, Zakiganj, Gowainghat, Jaintiapur, Companiganj, Beanibazar, Fenchuganj upazilas and Sylhet city areas have been submerged, 

Every year in Bangladesh, thousands of hectares of land crumble into the rivers that wind through this South Asian nation, swallowing homes and pushing families away from their rural villages. This land erosion peaks during the June to October monsoon season, which brings torrential rains and swells the country’s rivers. Bangladesh witnesses severe damages to dams, roads, crops and  fisheries when flash floods occurr. Hence, the government should take lesson from the past and implement pragmatic measures to protect lives and livelihood. The dexterity that has been executed by Bangladesh in the last several years in disaster preparedness deserves plaudits. However, the ongoing situation in Sylhet certainly exposes our vulnerability to fight against flood and . According to media sources, it is envisaged that around 30 percent of Bangladesh's land area is set to be inundated in the coming days.  Adequate relief and funds should be allocated for the flood-affected people. The government and NGOs should gear up efforts to reduce the volume of the effects of riverbank erosion. The authorities concerned should immediately construct embankments along the rivers to protect the local people from erosion. Also, and river erosion victims.


relief and 

funds should be allocated for the 

flood-affected people

We hope the government and the authorities concerned will take further steps to prevent river erosion. The rivers of the country require capital dredging. But, there is no sign of such steps. Therefore, immediate actions should be taken to this end. But for now, authorities concerned should take necessary measures to rehabilitate the affected people and provide them with financial support. Besides, we should all stand beside the river erosion victims and work together to rehabilitate them. There is no denying that our country is currently lacking in resources to stand against flood and river erosion. However, we believe with proper implementation of new technologies, we can save lives, properties and assets and limit the grave consequences of river erosion.