Flood situation worsens in Kishoreganj

Published : 25 Jul 2020 09:40 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 11:09 AM

The flood situation has deteriorated in Kishoreganj. About 2 lakh people are trapped in Itna, Mithamion, Austagram, Karimganj, Nikli and Bajitpur due to the increase of flood waters. The people living in the haor area have lost their jobs due to incessant rains for several days.

People of different villages of Ghagra, Kewarjur, Mithamin Sadar, Gopdighi, Dhaki, Katkhal and Bairati Union of Mithamin Upazila have been trapped in water. Among them Ghagra New Bazaar, Old Bazaar, Maliund Bazaar, Katkhal Bazaar are floating on water. 

The waters of Meghna, Dhanu and Brahmaputra are flowing over the danger line in different places.

Regarding flood control and warning, the Executive Engineer of Kishoreganj Water Development Board said that till noon on July 25, the Meghna River at Bhairab Bazar was 5.27cm, Dhanu River at Itna was 6.37cm and Meghna River at Austagram was 6.25 cm above the danger level. Erosion has started in Itna and Karimganj due to rising river water and river turbulence.  Although there is no crop damage in the haor due to lack of crops, the river is turbulent and the houses have started breaking down due to the waves.